Thursday, May 10, 2012

DeAnthony Arnett cleared to play next fall

In an unsurprising decision, the NCAA has granted transfer wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett a medical waiver, allowing him to play this coming season after transferring from Tennessee following last season.

Arnett, who chose Tennessee over MSU and a few other schools out of high school, wanted to play closer to his hometown of Saginaw due to the health of his father, who needs a kidney transplant.

What was a surprise, though, was how long it took the NCAA to make a decision on what seemed like a no-brainer. Joe Rexrode of the LSJ reported that the NCAA asked for more medical info twice in the last three weeks. I don't blame the NCAA for wanting to make sure everything checks out, but still.

Looking ahead to next fall, Arnett should be an immediate contributor. He struggled a bit in spring ball, what with a new team and all, but he should be much-improved by the time the season rolls around. He had 24 catches for 242 yards and two touchdowns for Tennessee last year. With a depleted receiving corps, MSU needs as much experienced help as it can get.

The MSU football Twitter account sent out some quotes from Arnett and Mark Dantonio.


"Coach D's call (regarding the NCAA's decision) put a big smile on my face. … From the beginning, my father told me not to worry and to put the waiver request in the good Lord's hands. … I'm glad everything is taken care of, so I can concentrate on preparing to have an impact on the team this fall."


“We received exciting news from the NCAA late this morning, stating that DeAnthony Arnett’s waiver request has been granted, so he’ll be eligible to participate this season. … The NCAA's decision isn't just beneficial to him as an individual but to his entire family as well, knowing that they'll have an opportunity to see him compete this season. … (He) appreciates Michigan State’s complete team effort, led by (AD) Mark Hollis and (FAR) Mike Kasavana, in presenting his case. … Our compliance staff did an outstanding job of compiling all of his father’s medical records & presenting the facts to the NCAA. … Our director of football operations Tim Allen also worked closely with the compliance staff throughout this process. … "(He) is thrilled with the NCAA’s decision, & he's looking forward to getting back to work in preparation for the upcoming season."

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