Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving Over

So, it's been a while, eh?

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know by now that I have taken my blogging over to The Only Colors, where I am now the blog manager. It took a while for all the paperwork to get through, so that's why there hasn't been an official announcement yet.

When I started Green Thoughts, it was a way to complement my work for The Oakland Press last fall. Once football season ended, I didn't really know what to do with it. But I wanted to keep writing, so I took the blog up a step, and I'm glad many of you enjoyed it. I'm still working at becoming a professional sportswriter, which is tough. I've been working four or five part-time writing jobs and getting along for now. There are so many journalism majors in colleges, and I don't know why. There just aren't jobs. I've been lucky enough to have a supportive family and fiancee to help me continue to try to live out my dream.

But enough about me. I'm still in talks with MSU about getting the "Random Photo" permissions for TOC. That's something I really want to take over there. We have a solid group of writers at TOC, and I hope you'll all take your interest for MSU news over there.

-Chris Vannini

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  1. Congrats Chris! hope to see you writing on the ESPN Big Ten Blog one day!