Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Denicos Allen: The Waterboy

If you haven't seen this, it's one of the coolest sports photos I've seen in a while. On the play, linebacker Denicos Allen jumped over the Ohio State running back and sacked quarterback Joe Bauserman on the way down.

Via Getty Images

That was very Bobby Boucher of Allen. Boucher, you know, The Waterboy.

Well, as it would turn out, the Spartans watched the movie the Friday before the game. The Spartans have a voluntary movie the night before each game. Given a choice of four movies last Friday, the Spartans chose The Waterboy. First Little Giants, now this.

From Wednesday's Dantonio presser:

So that picture just depicted exactly what he did. It was a great movie for our guys. They had fun with it. Even at halftime I just said, `Hey, visualize and attack, just like in the movie.' And there goes Denicos flying over the running back and hitting the quarterback. That one will probably go down as a little memento for all of our guys.

It was a good feeling. It was a good feeling going into the game. It was a good feeling Friday night. We were focused, we knew what we were supposed to do, played with a lot of enthusiasm, and it was fun. And I think going into the game we were going to make it fun, and I think that's what we have to do.

Some of this can wear you down. The pressures of this game, regardless of what position you play, I think can wear you down as well as being a coach. My wife always tells me, `Hey, you need to have fun with this sometimes.' You can tell I'm on the sideline and really having fun a lot. But I think she's right, and this needs to be... this is a game, and we need to continue to try and find ways to make it fun for our players, so that was one of the ways we did it.

So that picture that you're talking about, is that the one you're talking about when he's flying over the guys? That will probably go up, we'll have a little caption underneath it, "The Waterboy," and it'll be hanging somewhere around here.

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