Monday, September 5, 2011

Capital One Mascot Challenge Update: Sparty falls

Despite garning the second-most votes, Sparty fell to Georgia Tech's Buzz in Week 1 of the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge.

This was a tough loss, Sparty got a lot of support on social media but it was all for not. Buzz received 116,925 votes, while Sparty had 104,020. The next closest support was for Auburn's Aubie, who received 79,703 votes.

So Sparty falls to 0-1 in the 12-game season.

Moving on to Week 2, Sparty now faces Big Red, from Western Kentucky. At the time of this post, Sparty has 1,202 votes and Big Red has 436.

You can vote at, and via text, by sending a message of "VOTE" to 78527 and replying to a confirmation message with the word "SPARTY."

The competition provides money to each school's mascot program.

So get out there and keep voting.

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