Saturday, September 3, 2011

Struggles in the trenches, Foreman's selfless act

Stories from last night. First off, MSU's defensive line struggled all game, while the offensive line was inconsistent. Mistakes on the O-Line were expected, since there are two new starters. The defensive line struggles, though, could be worrisome.

Here is my story on MSU's struggles in the trenches.

Speaking of the offensive line, Joel Foreman gave up what would have been his 23rd consecutive start to Arthur Ray Jr., who played his first collegiate football game after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007. It was a great moment and really showed why Foreman was elected a team captain.

Here is my story on Foreman's selfless act.

Also, here are some quotes that didn't make it into the story:

Foreman — "I’m going to have 40-something starts by the end of my career. No one’s going to remember the exact number. I probably even won’t remember the exact number. Obviously being able to start at Michigan State is something special. I wish I could do more for him."

Ray — "It’s just the beginning. Everybody’s expectations for Arthur Ray have never been mine. To step back on that field and prove everybody wrong — a lot of people didn’t think I’d get to this point — I’m ready to keep going."

"I believe God is real. If anybody’s a walking miracle, you’re looking at him."

I see you, Arthur.

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