Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MSU isn't 'selling out' with Pro Combat jerseys

My thoughts on the new Pro Combat jerseys in this column.

Here are some quotes that I wasn't able to fit in:

Dantonio: "I thought what Nike tried to do was take everything that we were as a Spartan and try to take that and mold that into this uniform. So I was very happy and excited about what they came back with."

Trenton Robinson: "The jerseys aren’t like the big motivation. We want to go out and win that game. To get that extra swag, everybody feels a little bit better."

"When you get new stuff, it’s like Christmas. You’re going to feel good."

I think that first quote from Robinson says a lot. It's going to be Michigan week, the jerseys are going to be the last thing on the minds of everyone. They'll be hyped up leading up to the game and when they take the field, but after about five minutes, it's going to be another football game where you have to make plays.

Lastly, here's Gholston talking about the decision to get them and what he thinks.

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