Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Report: Maryland quarterback possibly interested in MSU. Or not?

The transfers out of Maryland seem to never end. But one player reportedly has interest in MSU.

Quarterback Danny O'Brien, who lost his starting job before being injured last season, is on track to graduate and would be able to transfer and be able to play at a new school right away. The schools he reportedly is interested in are MSU, Wisconsin, Stanford and Vanderbilt. But Maryland won't let him go to Vanderbilt, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Why MSU would be on his list is a bit of a mystery. Andrew Maxwell has been groomed to take over this offense and all signs point to him sliding right in to replace Kirk Cousins. It should be noted that we don't know if the interest is mutual.

Wisconsin and Stanford seem like much better fits. Both are graduating senior quarterbacks and don't have proven backups. Plus, Wisconsin has become known for taking in transfer quarterbacks like Russell Wilson. Former Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist almost transferred to Wisconsin recently, but opted for Kansas.

The link above is a story from before O'Brien officially left Maryland. A story published by the Sun yesterday did not include MSU as one of O'Brien's choices.

Bottom line: I would be utterly shocked if O'Brien ended up at MSU. The Spartans don't need him anyway.

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