Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show me the money: Top basketball alumni earners

Today, the Wall Street Journal came out with a list of schools whose basketball alumni have made the most money in professional basketball.

The list includes players who entered the NBA in or after 1985 — the year the NCAA Tournament expanded to 64 teams.

Only two Big Ten teams made the top 25: Michigan at No. 5 and MSU at No. 14. Not a surprise that UNC and Duke were Nos. 1 and 2.

According to the list, MSU basketball alumni have made $389 million since 1985, with Zach Randolph and Jason Richardson as the top earners. Other notable Spartans in the NBA since then include Eric Snow, Scott Skiles, Morris Peterson and Shannon Brown. If you were to base the list off the Izzo era, MSU probably would be much higher.

It doesn't look like the list includes players who went overseas to try to make a career, and MSU has had plenty of those recently, including Drew Neitzel, Drew Naymick, Goran Suton, Travis Walton and Kalin Lucas. Charlie Bell is now in Italy too. While playing overseas can be viewed as failure by some fans, there are worse things to do in life than making a career playing a game in a place like this.

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