Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cornell band plays MSU fight song against Michigan

The MSU hockey team had already been eliminated earlier in the day, but the MSU fight song was still proudly being played in one hockey rink — one where MSU wasn't even playing.

Late in regulation with their team leading Michigan 2-1, the Cornell pep band played the MSU fight song, bringing in a new level of how to troll an opponent. This had to be planned. The band would have had to bring sheet music for the MSU fight song or something, because I assume it's not part of their normal playlist. (Update: This appears to be something Cornell has done before, playing an opponent's rival's fight song).

If you look at Shawn Hunwick's face in this video, I wonder if he recognized the tune. U-M actually tied the game up a few minutes after the song was played, but Cornell won in overtime.

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