Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random MSU Photo of the Day: 3/27

"Postcard of the class rivalry poster between the (freshmen) and sophomores in 1909. Text on front: '1913 Bids Defiance! We the remarkable and noble class M.A.C. 1913 do hereby defy the cowardly rough-necks composing the class of 1912 and give warning that unless these same slimy, sloppy, sophs show up at the class rush Saturday, they will be forever disgraced and if they do show up, they will be wiped from the face of the earth. 

'Cowardly, simpering yellow-dogs, you have: 1st. Made our brother classmates straddle unoffending bovines. 2nd. You have compelled us to devour Tar Soap and Bull Durham. 3rd. You have deprived us of the use of the M.U.R. and Bijou Theater. 4th. You have tried to run opposition to our college barbers. So now you yellow curs be prepared for your judgment, as you are a stain on the fair name of our college and you'll get yours, the blood will flow like water Saturday Oct. 2, 1909. On the Football Field. We hereby pledge ourselves to exterminate the insignificant pups of Sophomores. Signed. M.A.C. 1913.'

via MSU Archives

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