Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random MSU Photo of the Day: 3/29

There is no date for this photo, although it appears this is the baseball team from sometime between 1900-09. 

The description of the photo is quite interesting: "While at M.A.C. (Forest H. Akers) was a star pitcher for the baseball team. In 1908 he was expelled from M.A.C. for, as Akers put it, 'raising too much hell.' His expulsion, in part, stemmed from a 1907 incident. During a speech by President Theodore Roosevelt, a powder keg exploded, shattering the windows in nearby dormitories and the college’s greenhouses. Akers was accused of spearheading this prank, a charge he adamantly denied."

Akers later became a big business success and an MSU trustee and donated a lot of money to the school. Akers Hall and the golf courses are named after him. I believe Akers is the middle player in the back row. This older picture of Akers looks similar.

via MSU Archives

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