Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random MSU Photo of the Day

A few weeks ago, I started tweeting random MSU sports photos. Some were more than 100 years old, some more recent. Most of these pictures came from MSU's archival website. Well, I received permission to publish these photos on this blog.

So here is the Random MSU Photo of the Day for March 8: Thomas Kelly celebrating with the 1999 Big Ten tournament championship plaque.

Photo from
Now, I've been asked to group together all the past random photos, so here they are.

March 7: Mateen Cleaves, Morris Peterson and A.J. Granger with 2000 Big Ten tournament trophy.
March 6: The 1960 Big Ten track championships at Ralph Young Field.
March 2: Draymond Green and Austin Thornton go after Gordon Hayward in the 2010 Final Four
March 1: Draymond Green flashes a smile with his braces.
Feb. 29: An MSU football game in the 1930s.
Feb. 28: Magic Johnson and Greg Kelser chill outside a dorm
Feb. 27: Fans carry Jumping Johnny Green on their shoulders in 1957, the year MSU won its first Big Ten championship.
Feb. 24: Ohio State AD Gene Smith presents MSU with the 2010 Midwest Regional trophy.
Feb. 23: Cows being judged inside Demonstration Hall in 1933.

I couldn't get all the way through my Twitter timeline, so here are the other pictures I remember posting:

The 1895 MAC varsity baseball team
Donkey basketball game from 1953
Women's field hockey game from 1922
Softball game from 1922
MSC hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings at Dem Hall in 1958
An old MSU basketball game at Jenison Fieldhouse (date unknown)
The 1914 MAC varsity basketball team

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