Thursday, March 1, 2012

Right decision made regarding Roe, Senior Day

The question of whether or not Delvon Roe would be able to be a part of MSU's Senior Day activities picked up some steam today.

If you didn't know, Roe retired from basketball before the season after three seasons filled with knee injuries. Basketball had taken such a toll on Roe that, with pro basketball likely not in his future, Roe decided to step away, focus on school, health and his acting career.

Early today, Rob Dauster of "Ballin is a Habit" tried to get the #LetDelvonPlay hashtag going on Twitter, which it did. Tom Izzo had said MSU was working with the NCAA on figuring out something. Later in the day, Mark Hollis revealed what that would be. Hollis sent out the following tweets.

"Looking forward to @delvonroe10 being part of Sunday on-court tribute along with current seniors on the team. The NCAA staff provided great compassion in allowing Delvon to participate in a way that Coach Izzo, Delvon and I desired. MSU did not submit a reinstatement request that could have possibly allowed Delvon to step onto the court during competition. The focus of Delvon and the entire MSU community is on a B1G title. We love the support. Distractions must be placed on the shelf. Delvon will be on the bench, take part in our senior recognition, and at some point have an opportunity to kiss center court at the Bres."

So Roe will be on the bench for the game, likely not dress, and then be a part of the Senior Day ceremony after the game. Whether or not he kisses the court during the game likely will depend on the game.

Oh yeah, the game (which MSU has declared a white-out, by the way). We seem to forget that the Spartans have quite a sizable game against Ohio State. The Big Ten championship is on the line: the outright title for MSU and a share for Ohio State (and potentially Michigan). MSU hasn't lost on Senior Day since 2006. Since then, five straight senior classes have been able to go out on top.

If Roe was to ceremoniously check in and then out, one team might have to waste a foul or timeout. If the game is close, no team would want to do that. If the possibility of Roe playing was there, it would be the focus going into the game, which MSU doesn't want to happen. Before the news on Roe came out, he tweeted, "Lol I love my followers u all r great. It's not about me lets worry about wrappin up this big10 title OUTRIGHT!!N let the NCAA do there job."

The focus should be on MSU going for an outright title, and that's where it will be. And Roe will be right there along for the ride.

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