Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Would Delvon Roe have broken the blocks record?

There have been so many times this season that I've wondered, "How would this team be if Delvon Roe was playing?"

But this time the question popped into my head, I remembered that Roe finished last season second all-time in blocked shots in MSU history.

With his retirement before the season due to knee pain, Roe obviously didn't have a chance to break the record. But had he played this year, would he have broken it?

Drew Naymick holds the MSU record with 134 blocks from 2004-08. With three seasons under his belt, Roe had 106, meaning he averaged more than 35 per season. If he hit that average, he would have finished with 141.

But based on the trend, Roe probably would have had even more. He had 29 blocks as a freshman, 35 as a sophomore and 42 as a junior, battling injuries throughout his entire career. Assuming he stayed somewhat healthy (which is a big assumption), he would have blown past the record.

(Roe said on Twitter that, "YES no question!!!" he would have broken the record. I agree.)

What makes it even more impressive is that Roe wasn't a true center. He was only 6-foot-8, but often was asked to guard bigger players. Naymick has two inches on him, but was a true center. It just shows the athleticism that Roe had but was never fully able to take advantage of because of injuries. Now, Roe was pretty much a starter for all three seasons, so that obviously helps.

Since he's not playing basketball, Roe has been working toward his acting career and finishing school, but he told MLive he doesn't miss a minute of a game on TV.

It's a shame what happened to Roe, and I feel the same way about Robbie Hummel.

I'll always wonder how this team would have been with Roe. The way the Spartans have been playing, I've been wondering less and less, but I have no doubt that Roe would have broken the all-time blocks record and would be making a big impact.

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  1. I think its also pretty interesting that Drew Naymick is the all-time block leader. I know that he was a great defensive player. But I thought it would've been a four year starter, with more playing time, that would of held the record.