Monday, January 16, 2012

MSU finishes 25th for Directors' Cup fall standings

If you've never heard of the Directors' Cup, it's a way to determine the top college athletic programs across most all sports.

School are awarded points based on how predetermined number of sports teams perform. The cup is divided into three sessions: fall, winter and spring.

In the final fall standings for 2011-12, MSU came in at No. 25.

Stanford always wins the thing because they have so many sports, therefore they have a lot more opportunities to pick up points.

MSU's points came from women's cross county, football and women's volleyball. MSU finished sixth among Big Ten teams, behind Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Illinois.


  1. Michigan and Michigan State have pretty much the same amount of sports.

  2. Michigan State's best finish since the 1993-1994 season in the country 22nd, in the big Ten 6th. Michigan's best 2nd in country, Worse finish in the Big Ten 5th. Michigan has only had 2 seasons where they finished below 15th in the country. 11 times the Wolverines have finished 1st in the Big Ten.