Friday, January 13, 2012

Could the GLI be played at Comerica Park?

It's all but certain that the 2013 Winter Classic is going to be played at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

Arguing that the Detroit Red Wings should play in, well, Detroit, is too late, although it's a valid argument (that I agree with).

But what about Detroit? According to ESPN, a rink still could be set up at Comerica Park and host some events leading up to the Winter Classic, including the annual Great Lakes Invitational college hockey tournament.

If the Winter Classic can't be played at CoPa, I think the GLI, among other events, could be a solid consolation prize. The tournament is already played in downtown Detroit anyway.

If "Detroit" is hosting the Winter Classic, the city itself should have something.

(h/t @dillondavis)


  1. not sure I'm a fan of either of those options. sitting outside for 2 games on each of 2 days for the GLI sounds pretty darn cold. and quite frankly, I'd be surprised if they can fill the Big House.

    what if UM and MSU both happen to be playing in New Years Day bowl games? will 110,000 fans be willing to sit out in the cold for a hockey game, but miss the bowl games?

  2. The Winter Classic will sell out easily. You do have an interesting point about people paying for two days of outdoor GLI. Maybe they just do the championship there?

    And also good point about New Year's Day bowl games. I've always hated the fact the WC is on the same day as so many CFB games.

    1. Chris, I have worked at Joe Louis Arena for the past 2 seasons. It is hard for them to fill JLA just for the championship games let alone the other three. The closest we have come to filling a stadium of 19,000 was the U-M / MSU championship this past year. I dont think using a stadium that has 25,000+ seats, and it being outdoors is a great idea at all. But if like you said, the championship game was there that would be pretty cool!