Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Report: MSU thinking about hockey on aircraft carrier

Mark Hollis helped begin the outdoor hockey craze with The Cold War at Spartan Stadium in 2001.

The stadium has since switched to a grass field, so that likely won't happen again for a long time, if ever. Michigan shattered the attendance record with The Big Chill at The Big House with its artificial turf field last season.

Now the aircraft carrier might be turning into Hollis' venue of choice. His dream of a basketball game on a ship came true in November, and now Hollis has been approached about the idea of a hockey game on a carrier, according to the Detroit Free Press.

There were no more details, other than the fact it has been discussed. This is just another one of many ideas Hollis has been thinking about, and there's certainly no timeline for any of these to become a reality. In late December, Hollis talked about the idea of a basketball game at the site of the first modern Olympics in Greece.

Again, there's no timeline, but it's sure fun to think about these things.

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