Thursday, January 26, 2012

The business of recruiting and MSU

Via BTN's Tom Dienhart, took at look at the recruiting budgets for men's and women's sports from 2010-11, and MSU is quite low on the list among Big Ten schools:

1. Michigan (9th overall): $1,480,357
2. Illinois (14): $1,328,931
3. Nebraska (19): $1,234,097
4. Ohio State (23): $1,134,013
5. Minnesota (24): $1,130,963
6. Penn State (26): $1,128,129
7. Purdue (41)$954,543
8. Michigan State (42): $941,157
9. Iowa (43): $931,989
10. Indiana (46): $899,047
11. Wisconsin (58): $765,384
12. Northwestern (60): $755,004

With the resources and revenue U-M has, it's no surprise they are so high on the list, but it's a little surprising how low MSU is at first glance. Tom Izzo's recruiting budget increased when he decided to decline an offer from the NBA, and the Spartans have some of the top recruiting classes in the coming years. Also, football recruiting under Mark Dantonio has always been above average, although not elite.

But MSU is near the top of the Big Ten in terms of number of varsity sports. Among many reasons, more sports means more money allocated to funding the basics of the sports, and less available for overall recruiting. MSU also does a lot more local recruiting than U-M and other Big Ten schools. 

In an age where cutting sports is becoming more frequent, the amount of teams fielded can just as impressive as success of teams. 

(h/t BTN)

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