Friday, January 13, 2012

Retainment of Narduzzi shows long-term commitment to football

I wrote this up more than a week ago, and it finally was published.

When MSU came up with the (undisclosed) money to keep Pat Narduzzi, it showed the school's long-term commitment to football success. This wasn't Nick Saban all over again.

Let's be real: Pat Narduzzi is going to be gone sooner rather than later. It's the natural progression for coaches. As Mark Hollis tweeted, Narduzzi's next step is head coach at a big time program. No Akron here.

But after Narduzzi is gone, MSU's defensive success won't go with him. Mark Dantonio and Hollis are two of the lower-paid people in their profession, but the retainment of Narduzzi and scoreboard upgrades show steps toward big-time football success.

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