Monday, January 9, 2012

Poll: Who was your Spartan football MVP?

The last poll I did came after the Big Ten-Pac-12 scheduling agreement. I asked what Pac-12 team you would most likely want to see MSU play. The results were as follows:

Oregon: 22
USC: 9
Stanford: 8
Arizona State: 6
Arizona: 1

I voted for UCLA because of the teams' tradition and playing in the Rose Bowl. Apparently a lot of you want to see the high-octane offense of Oregon.

So it's time for a new poll: Who was your MSU football MVP this past season? I'm leaning toward Max Bullough because he was the center of the Big Ten's top defense. MSU was carried by its defense this season, and Bullough nearly made people forget about Greg Jones.

What do you think? The poll is on the right side of this page.


  1. I thought about Lewis. He obviously was really good, I just didn't think anyone would say he was the most valuable. You still can vote for him, sort of. That's why I have "other"