Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Notes from second day of Senior Bowl practice

The first day of Senior Bowl practice is fun to talk about because it's the first time everyone gets to see a lot of these players.

But the second day meant pads, and getting down to business.

"Today will be much more like a real game will full pads and full tempo," Kirk Cousins told NFL Network before running back in for a drill.

Once again, there was some more praise for Cousins, despite throwing an interception and fumbling a couple snaps.

Wesley Bunting of National Football Post: "#MichiganState QB Kirk Cousins with nice bucket throw during team session, spins it clean with nice touch #seniorbowl"

Dion Caputi of National Football Post: "#MichiganSt QB Kirk Cousins looks comfortable in drop-backs and in the pocket. Some people have toyed with Andy Dalton as a comparison."

Rick Pizzo from BTN: "Early practice thoughts from #SeniorBowl : Wisc punter Brad Nortman just crushing every kick. Kirk Cousins' arm strength really impressive"

Rob Rang of CBS Sports: "Cousins out-shined Wisconsin's Russell Wilson and Boise State's Kellen Moore by attacking all levels of a talented North defense. His experience in a pro-style offense was obvious as he made quick decisions, showed accuracy short, middle and deep and thread the needle through tight spaces. Whereas his teammates struggled to find a rhythm with their new receiving corps, Cousins was hitting on all cylinders, spreading the ball all over the field and hitting his backs, tight ends and receivers on a variety of routes."

Looking at the North roster, Cousins clearly has been the best quarterback, compared to the undersized Kellen Moore and Russell Wilson. Moore has not been looking good at all. It will be curious to see how much playing time Cousins gets Saturday compared to the other two.

Pizzo also said that Brian Linthicum did not dress Tuesday after being impressive yesterday. He did not say why. I did not see Trenton Robinson on the broadcast, but some teams talked with him after practice.

Anwar Richardson of MLive said the Lions talked with Robinson and Shane Hallam of draftcountdown.com said the Saints did as well.

Pizzo talked with Cousins and other Big Ten athletes, and the interviews will be on the Big Ten Football Report tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Bret Bielema, never one to miss a media opportunity, talked over the phone with the NFL Network guys during the broadcast, pumping the five Badgers there. Mark Dantonio and some other Big Ten coaches are there, but weren't as public about their support for former players in Mobile.

A reminder, the Senior Bowl will be broadcast on at 4 p.m. Saturday on NFL Network. Here is a schedule of the NFL Network's Senior Bowl programming this week.

(Photos via MSU)

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