Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'I’m never going to refuse a handshake'

Here's an interesting quote from Kirk Cousins regarding his popularity on campus. The team ate at Brody Cafeteria on Monday night and Cousins is becoming even more of a celebrity around campus.

"The Brody cafeteria is well-known for being the nicest cafeteria on campus, so it already gets a little more traffic than most. That’s where we had training table last night, so the lines were pretty long. There were some people wanting to come over and say hello. Better than having them boo you. I’m never going to refuse a handshake or a person who wants to smile, shake your hand and take your picture. I remember having people tell me things can change so quickly, so when they’re supporting you, you want to thank them and appreciate it."

Since he received national recognition for his Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon speech, Cousins hasn't been shying away from the spotlight, and MSU fans are loving it.

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