Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scrimmage postponed, MSU ranked No. 19 all-time

First off, MSU announced that Saturday's scrimmage has been moved to Sunday afternoon because of approaching thunderstorms. I'm currently at Comerica Park and wondering if we'll get the baseball game in tonight.

Also, College Football News came out with its all-time college football ranks, basing it off of the Associated Press poll.

MSU came in at No. 19 all-time. Oklahoma was No. 1, Ohio State was No. 2, Michigan was No. 3 and Notre Dame was No. 4.

Here is CFN explaining the point system: 

Around since 1936, the AP college football poll has been through World War II, has changed and adapted with the times, and has often looked to make a statement when needed - like in 2003 by naming USC the national champion, even though LSU took home the BCS title.

Since the AP poll is the only consistent ranking system from 1936 through today, CFN came up with a scoring system to compare and contrast how the programs finished over the decades. Every time a team finished No. 1 in the final poll, it got 25 points. The No. 2 team got 24 points, No. 3 got 23 points, and so on with the No. 25 team getting one point.  

CFN also ranked programs through each decade, such as MSU coming in at No. 2 in the 1950s behind Oklahoma. MSU claims four national titles in the decade, but just one of them was an AP title. Here is how MSU ranked for each decade:

1930s: NR (Not much to pick from in this decade)
1940s: No. 45 (Receiving 19 votes)
1950s: No. 2 (Claim four national titles, one of which was AP)
1960s: No. 13 (Claim two national titles, none of which was AP)
1970s: No. 29 (Receiving 28 votes, which is tied with Texas Tech)
1980s: No. 35 (Receiving 28 votes, which is tied with Maryland)
1990s: No. 31 (Receiving 29 votes, which is tied with Northwestern)
2000s: No. 50 (Reciving 14 votes, which is tied with Oregon State)

It wouldn't be MSU football without inconsistency. While the Bobby Williams/JLS eras obviously hurt the 2000s, Mark Dantonio clearly has the Spartans on the upswing going into this decade.

As for the all-time rankings, No. 19 is quite respectable. It comes in fifth in the Big Ten, including Nebraska, who wasn't in the conference before this year.

Here is the entire CFN package, which is very cool. What do you think? Does No. 19 surprise you at all?

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