Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Ten says title game seat-filling is bogus

This morning, a Craigslist ad made the rounds online saying someone was looking for people to be in downtown Indy on Saturday night wearing red or dark green, to expect large crowds and noise and get paid $75. Hmm, sounds an awful like the Big Ten Football Championship Game.

Well, the Big Ten quickly tried to get the word out and say it was a hoax, but that's not going to stop the nation from making fun of the Big Ten. Mark Hollis apparently is quite upset about this, as he spoke to a class about it this morning.

If you remember, the game sold out in two hours in July and MSU quickly sold its allotment. As of this morning, Wisconsin had about 2,000 tickets left. Badger fans haven't been quick to pick up tickets, waiting instead for the expected Rose Bowl trip.

While this seat-filling issue is a PR nightmare, I do believe it's a farce. However, what is not a scam is that there are a ton of RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP tickets on StubHub. MSU got the head start and it looks like there should be more green than red at Lucas-Oil Stadium. But given the apparent apathy from Wisconsin fans regarding this game, it seems it wouldn't be hard for MSU to take over the stadium.

We'll see what happens. I expect the stadium to be at least 90-percent full and I'm just glad I got my tickets for free as a gift. If this seat-filling thing was real, it obviously would end with Kramer accepting the Stagg Trophy after the game.

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