Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Notes, video from Dantonio presser 11/15

--Some injury news: DT Johnathan Strayhorn will miss the next two games and undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee. CB Darqueze Dennard should be back this week after suffering an ankle injury at Iowa.

--Speaking of Dennard, he and Tony Lippett are listed as co-starters at field corner. While Dennard didn't play great before his injury, I still think it's because of the injury.

--Senior Day is this Saturday, and the Spartans will look to go 7-0 at home for the second straight year. Dantonio brought up the fact the seniors are 22-8 in Big Ten play, bested only by Ohio State's 24-6. Not bad.

--Speaking of the seniors, Dantonio said when they were recruited, they trusted the coaches. It was a trust that hadn't been earned. Most of the seniors were in Dantonio's first class in 2007 and redshirted the first year.

--Dantonio was asked again about assistant coaches salaries. He said the the administration would address it, and that it needed to be addressed. While Dantonio said he believes the coaches have fair salaries, he admitted "other programs" are elevating themselves with salaries and facilities and MSU can't fall far behind.

--Along those lines, Dantonio said the biggest factor in program success has been a lack of attrition, both from players and coaches. The Spartans really have had two quarterbacks in five years: Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins. Dantonio said MSU is playing one freshman outside of long-snapper Matt Giampapa, and compared that to Indiana (Saturday's opponent), which has played 29 freshmen this year,

--Not surprisingly, Dantonio was asked if he would root for Michigan this week, because if MSU and U-M win, the Spartans would win the Legends division. Dantonio's response? "Nope, sorry. I can't... We control our own destiny."

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