Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spartans look to finish unbeaten at home, again

Do you remember the last time MSU lost a home game?

It was Penn State in 2009, by a 42-14 score. Since then, there have been 13 straight wins at Spartan Stadium, three of which came against top-11 teams and two of which ended with some of the most exciting finishes in college football history.

Here is my story on MSU looking to go back-to-back seasons undefeated at home for the first time since 1955-56. Also, a note on punter Mike Sadler's success and injury updates.

For those curious, MSU's current home winning streak is fifth in the country behind Oregon (21), LSU/Nevada (16) and Wisconsin (15) and tied with Northern Illinois.

Spartan Stadium should be in the conversation of toughest places to play.

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  1. Michigan State alumni, students, fans, I have one simple, emphatic request for Saturday: if you are at all able, please, please, go to the game.

    Why such an urgent plea?

    For years I've claimed to my father (also a Spartan) that if we ever got a consistent winner on the football field, watch out: the alumni, East Lansing, and the state would go absolutely nuts, and prove Tom Izzo right that we are a football school ranking with the best of them.

    While I'm not ready to go back on my word, the easiest way to measure this sentiment is rear ends in seats. At last year's Purdue home finale, and two weeks ago against Minnesota, there were large, noticeable holes in the student and other sections; I was shocked and disappointed. I fear the first camera shot of the stands on Saturday at 12:05pm against Indiana.

    So here we are. Going for two straight undefeated home seasons. Winningest quarterback and class in school history. Chance at two B1G titles in a row. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams saying that a few short years ago?! Bowl reps in the stands. A few major recruits attending, for whom atmosphere and hype are very real factors.

    Full disclosure: I graduated in 2004 and have since moved out of state, and can no longer go to games. There are certainly many more like me, and I am therefore part of the problem.

    Listen, I know the cost of a game is high, and the economy's rough, and it's noon against Indiana, and we're top 20 in attendance for 50 straight years, all of which is nothing to sneeze at. But (this makes my skin crawl) Michigan puts 110,000 people in the stands for Please don't tell me we need 30 years of sustained success to fill Spartan Stadium every week.

    Most of all, go to the game because whether you've been following the team for 5 years or 40, you've been waiting for a consistent winner. Well, here it is. This is supposed to be the payoff for all the pain! For so long, the team didn't deserve the loyalty it got. Now let's make sure we deserve the team we've got.

    Finance '04