Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thoughts on MSU's win vs. Indiana

Division champs. Who saw that coming before the season, or after the Notre Dame game? While they're not perfect, the Spartans clearly have been the class of the Legends division and will represent on Dec. 3 in Indianapolis. MSU will be the home team, so the question now is: Will MSU wear the all-green jerseys or the white shoulders? As for the opponent, it will be the winner of Penn State-Wisconsin next week. MSU fans should root like crazy for the Nittany Lions

Seniors have some fun. Kirk Cousins threw touchdown passes to B.J. Cunningham and Keshawn Martin and tried to find Keith Nichol in the end zone.Todd Anderson got his first career carry on a fake punt that was stuffed, and Joel Foreman has the most powerful three-yard run you'll see, taking a sweep handoff and demolishing a tackle attempt. Dantonio said Foreman got the game ball for it. I'll have a story on that tomorrow. Cousins and Foreman also saluted the Spartan logo at midfield as they got their curtain calls Breslin-style. Maybe a new tradition.

Looking forward, but not too far ahead. MSU still has a game in Evanston against a Northwestern team that has won four straight and is looking to guarantee themselves a bowl win. I expect MSU to rest some guys who are banged up, though the coaches won't admit it. A loss coupled with a Michigan win over Ohio State would make the rivals co-champions with Michigan receiving a trophy (see below). A loss also could shoot MSU down the bowl pecking order if a loss in the championship game followed.

All in all, a great (and historic) day for MSU fans who have a spotlight game to look forward too. While chances of a BCS at-large berth are slim to none, being in the Big Ten title game will put the national spotlight on the Spartans in the same respect.
 AD Mark Hollis holds the Legends trophy 

A close look at the trophy. (Photos via my iPhone)

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