Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Notes and video from Dantonio presser

--First and foremost, Mark Dantonio expects everyone to be healthy come gametime after getting banged up last Saturday. Chris Norman had a sprained shoulder and Larry Caper and Travis Jackson left Saturday's game, but all should be good to go, although they might be slowed early in the week.

--Dantonio said he was not concerned with the offensive playcalling. Offensive coordinator Dan Roushar has come under fire a bit after some Nebraska players said MSU was predictable on offense. Roushar had a poorly-called game earlier in the year at Notre Dame and admitted as much, but with so much offensive firepower returning from a year ago, it seems MSU should be better than ninth in the Big Ten in total offense. But at the same time, they have played some good defenses, and Nebraska's played well Saturday.

--Minnesota's win over Iowa gives them, "instant credibility," according to Dantonio. The Gophers' ability to control the fourth quarter was a statement.

--Opponents have scored on their opening drive in three straight games. Dantonio said, "Maybe we should receive," with a grin. He said the no-huddle offenses of Michigan and Nebraska take game time to adjust to and he's been happy with how his defense has adjusted. As for the MSU offense, they have one touchdown and two turnovers in their last three opening drives.

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