Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A fall semester MSU sports final exam

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Welcome, students.

You've been great this semester, but like all your other classes, it's time for a final exam. I hope you all looked over the study guide and went to the study sessions, because there's nothing you can do now.

... (
Test your knowledge without cheating. The answer key is here.)

1. Draymond Green had a career high in points Saturday against Gonzaga. How many (did he score)?

2. Before this season, when was the last time Michigan State's men's basketball team was unranked in the preseason?

3. This year's football senior class is the winningest in school history. How many wins do they have?

4. When was the last time the football team won four consecutive games against rival Michigan?

5. How long was Kirk Cousins' Hail Mary to Keith Nichol to beat Wisconsin on Oct. 22?

6. Who led the football team in tackles?

7. Green leads the basketball team in several categories. Who is second on the team in rebounding?

You may begin ... 

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