Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick notes from Outback Bowl media day (w/ video)

Just wrapped up Outback Bowl media day at MSU. Will have more later, but here are some quick notes:

--Pat Narduzzi is a little worried about blitzes, because Georgia likes to do quick passes. Youngstown State ran a similar thing and it caused issues early for MSU. The Spartans will have to adjust.

--Narduzzi said MSU will run its three-linebacker base defense for the most part. Georgia likes to use three wide receivers with some no-huddle. This usually presents problems for MSU, so expect Georgia to attack Chris Norman quite a bit.

--Micajah Reynolds has looked really good at defensive tackle in practice. Narduzzi said if he keeps it up, he'll be sticking on defense.

--There was a lot of love for the future of the defense from Narduzzi and several players. Trenton Robinson said they're going to bring a lot of championships to MSU.

--Dan Roushar said it's difficult to duplicate what Georgia does on defense with a 3-4 set and a 350-pound nose guard. Le'Veon Bell thinks MSU will be able to spring some long runs if they can bounce outside, because Georgia's linebackers play close to the line of scrimmage.

--The game ended weeks ago, but there were quite a few questions about Isaiah Lewis. Dantonio said he gave Lewis a big hug after the Big Ten game and that the players are over it. Lewis said he got a lot of "feedback" about the penalty, but that it was all through stuff like message boards (duh). He seems to have moved on, even if some of the media hasn't.

--Some more about the future, Dantonio said Kirk Cousins and Andrew Maxwell are both similar. They're calm under pressure, have strong arms and are good in the classroom, among other attributes. Cousins said Maxwell is a lot further along than Cousins was at that time (although that's probably because Maxwell has had three years of learning).

--Max Bullough called Cousins the best quarterback and one of the best people he's ever met.

--MSU is heading to Tampa on Dec. 26 and plans to use about five allotted practices there. The heat in the indoor facility has been cranked up to the 80s.

--Asked about motivation, Dantonio pointed out there still are nearly two weeks before the game, so he doesn't want to peak emotionally too early.

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