Friday, December 23, 2011

Forbes: MSU No. 19 most-valuable team

Forbes came out with its annual list of most-valuable college football teams, with MSU coming in at No. 19 overall and sixth in the Big Ten at $59 million.

Forbes says MSU's football profit was $28 million, the third-highest in the Big Ten after Penn State and U-M. MSU's two-year change is value was +3 percent.

In order to calculate the value, Forbes explains: "The four components, in order of weight, consist of each team's 1. value to its university(football profit used for academic purposes, including football scholarships), 2. value to its athletic department (net profit generated by the football team that is kept by the athletic department), 3. value to its conference (distribution of bow game payout) and 4. value to the surrounding community (estimated spending by visitors on days of home games). The scoring system also standardizes revenues and expenses in order to account for differences in each school's method of reporting financial information to the Department of Education."

Here is the complete list if you don't want to do all that clicking.

1. Texas
2. Notre Dame
3. Penn State
4. LSU
5. Michigan
6. Alabama
7. Georgia
8. Arkansas
9. Auburn
10. Oklahoma
11. Florida
12. Tennessee
13. Ohio State
14. Nebraska
15. Wisconsin
16. South Carolina
17. Texas A&M
18. USC
19. MSU
20. Iowa

Not really any surprises, except for maybe Arkansas. Texas will always be king. In terms of the Big Ten, the order pretty much follows the order of stadium size. Obviously more seats mean more revenue.

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