Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Camouflage jersey: Who wears it better?

MSU and North Carolina's camouflage uniforms from the Carrier Classic earlier in the year drew a lot of praise (MSU more than UNC because blue was just kind of weird).

Because the game was all about the troops, the jerseys weren't created as a money grab, meaning there aren't replicas filling the apparel stores. And you know they would sell well. The jerseys worn by the players were given to the troops in a very nice gesture.

The Carrier Classic wasn't the first sporting event to use camouflage jerseys but it might have been the first basketball game. Now another team is jumping on the camouflage bandwagon.

The NBA's Toronto Raptors will wear a camouflage jersey on March 21 to honor the Canadian military. No word yet if they'll be available to the public.

So the obvious question now is who has the better look? You be the judge and tweet me your thoughts.

I go with MSU. They're similar to what I considered the best college football uniform: Army's camouflage.


  1. Definitely like the MSU camo look. I would also buy the replica shorts in a minute, hint hint Nike.

  2. I think that the camouflage jersey looks absolutely amazing, it's a huge tribute to troops in the military.

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