Sunday, December 11, 2011

MSU campus TV featured in SNL skit

So after watching the MSU hoops game against Gonzaga, I was skimming though channels and landed on Saturday Night Live. To my surprise, I saw a skit of a fake Japanese show as a part of "Michigan State Campus TV."

I didn't think the skit was that funny, but the MSU part was interesting. My Twitter feed lit up with some confused people. Now, time for your weekly conspiracy theory. Michael Patrick O'Brien is an SNL writer and a graduate of the University of Michigan. The beginning of the skit shows MSU campus TV in... wait for it... maize and blue.

I don't know if O'Brien wrote this skit or not, but here's the video. SNL has had MSU alumni as writers in the past (thanks to The Show). What do you think?

Thanks to @spartytalk for the tip


  1. Real journalist don't censor the community like you do (on mlive). I'll be surprised if this comment is here in an hour.