Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spartans and Trojans in Greece?

Mark Hollis is at it again.

With the Big Ten and PAC-12 agreeing to schedule each other in various sports, Hollis is doing what he was does best: come up with some crazy ideas.

One of those ideas could be MSU hoops taking on USC in Greece at the site of the first modern Olympics, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Don't think this idea is that farfetched. After all, Notre Dame football is playing in Ireland in 2012. If the Irish can play in Ireland, the Spartans and Trojans can play in Greece. Playing in Greece has been an idea of Hollis' for a while.

Also of note, Hollis said MSU doesn't plan on canceling any of its football contracts, which means the 2017 nonconference slate consists of Alabama, Notre Dame, Western Michigan and a PAC-12 team. (UPDATE: Hollis tells Joe Rexrode that MSU will have South Florida on the schedule, but not in 2017)

During the conferences' teleconference yesterday, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany cited Hollis' ability to make regular events extraordinary. And he's doing it again.

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